About Project

Artcore understands the importance of identifying and working with East Midlands artists and supports Derby to become a cultural centre by offering different art initiatives, putting creativity at the heart of local plans to drive future growth and fuel the Midlands Engine!

Artcore through the project Art Attachments, aims to develop a long term programme to offer upcoming and recent graduate artists, a support system to live and work locally, and a professional platform to showcase professional art. It is a modest attempt to level the inequality of opportunities in the arts especially for recent graduates.

With Art Attachments, we want to establish a longlasting connection with emerging artists and graduates from Derby University to fuel future, innovative arts programmes in Derby. Through the different paths we will support in enhancing the creative offer in Derby. The project, Art Attachments explores a model of hand-holding for recent art graduates and emerging artists helping to find a foothold in the art world.

Through Bridge the Gap Residency artists would carry a strong bond of working as a collective at Artcore, opening opportunities to connect various communities that visit Artcore, and design innovative art projects to suit relevant issues.

Various exhibitions in Derby, will present quality artworks to a moving yet captive audience at different venues.

Art Attachments would help Artcore bond with local artists from various specialisations, giving confidence to the younger artist community in Derby that there are paid work opportunities available in associating with Artcore on its various programmes, and help us design even more innovative art-based activities for its various target groups. It would thus extend Artcore’s reach in interesting ways and help it connect with more artists as well as expand their target groups.

Art Attachments will engage with the artist community of Derby and East Midlands to participate in this project over its several activities. Partners in the project are the University of Derby, Déda, Air Arts and Derby Museums.