Bridge the Gap Exhibition at Deda, Derby.

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Today I packed all my work up ready to take to Deda for our ‘Bridge the Gap’ exhibition which we begin to install on Monday morning.

Excited and nervous about the exhibition and sad that the residency has come to an end. I will be visiting Artcore often I hope.

It was a bit of a panic getting work finished off but I think I am done now apart from doing a bit of framing today.

Thanks Artcore, it’s been a fabulous two months, I have enjoyed being a part of an amazing group of creative and supportive people.



Thankfully my final yoga mat has arrived, hopefully just enough time to paint for the exhibition at DEDA. Looking forward to starting it today. I have already played about with ideas for it on a mini mat.


Finishing off

Well, here we are on our final week at Artcore. It has been brilliant and I will be sad to leave this studio. It has been my home and the home of my press for the last eight weeks. Today I have been busy with some wallpaper and another small block. The block will be printed onto the multi-layered prints.  Tomorrow I will add the final layers with a little printed text.

A close up of one of the wallpapers

Another block cut 

and the ink


Adding Text

Thinking I was going to get a lot done today I went to photocopy some text from my sketchbook, only to find the photocopier in the Library wasn’t working. I went to the post office but then realised I had not flipped the text (it needs to be in reverse to print from). I went to Wicks for some framers tape, they didn’t have any.  I did manage to get some bargain wallpaper though, to print onto, from the Dunelm sale.

I have, since getting back home, scanned and flipped all the images ready to try somewhere else.

I can’t wait to get on with the creative printing part of the process tomorrow.



In my Element.

This afternoon I’ve enjoyed working the detail on the yoga mat, here are some close up images showing how I’ve been working with this new surface


Painting Yoga Mat 2.

Enjoying painting the second yoga mat, feel I understand the texture of the surface now & how I can play with it to create light & depth.


Magical Moments

Having tried to find my yoga mat delivery (which I discovered had been sent to my old address, my mistake) I arrived late to Artcore after driving 8 miles to pick it up. I fastened the new yoga mat to the wall & prepared it for painting this afternoon.

It’s wonderful to be at Artcore at this moment, the studio is buzzing with activity as the 5 ceramic artists have started their residency too. Jack the Artcore web developer turned up with his guitar and it turns out he’s a brilliant guitarist aswell as great with computers.

Calmed by the wonderful music I am ready to paint.  I’ve put some ideas together on mini mat again. For this one I’ve been drawn to the beauty of roses & the patterns on Muslim prayer mats, I also want to incorporate the Henna pattern I had painted on my hand at the Chai & the City launch.

When sketching the prayer mats I recalled the times I spent designing rugs when I was 7 years old. I filled my drawing books with all my ideas, I’m not sure where they came from! 



One week to go

With only a week left at Artcore it’s all stations go with my printing. It will be sad to leave this little studio and Artcore but I am sure I will be visiting often.

I feel I have just got started with all the ideas that keep flowing through my brain.   Just as I start on one idea I want to get it finished to start the next.

The studio is looking a little messier now too.

The studio yesterday

Working on the wallpapers is taking time and is a real test off patience.  I am using old fashioned block printing methods to give me a sense of how Indian fabrics were made. It is more difficult than I first thought it would be and a lot more physical.

It has been really interesting talking and listening to people’s stories at Artcore. I have learnt about the partition of India, about the celebrations and the sadness involved and about religions and symbolism.


Small wood blocks have arrived

This weekend my new small blocks arrived.

I decided to try a three colour print using three blocks. I have so far printed the first block onto wallpaper. I am not sure if I am going to like the outcome of this but it’s an experiment so we shall see. The next one will use one colour but two opposite facing blocks to create a repeated design. Looking forward to the challenge of this tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from today.

And some designs for new blocks

I am also working on these, gradually building up layers.


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