Nicki Dennett



Yesterday I spent the whole day in the studio at Artcore cutting one of my new pieces of plywood.  The aim is to do ten but this may change as it is quite time consuming but therapeutic. It is not something I have tried before so am enjoying the challenge.

First I painted the wood with black ink so that I could see the cutting line, I then traced the drawing onto the wood with chalk before starting the cut it.   It felt quite primitive when these days you can go and get an accurate board cut with a laser cutter. I am hoping cutting it by hand will have a more handmade look to the final print.

This is as far as I got with the cutting yesterday so hopefully today I will be printing.

We  had a lovely surprise lunch provided at Artcore, Thankyou for that.




Busy busy busy

Had a great day at Artcore today. Got tons of work done.  It was lovely to meet a few people interested in printing too. Think I wore myself out though need a rest before I start again tomorrow.   Here are some pictures of what I have been up to.



All moved in

Now the press is here with me there will be no stopping me. Print  print print.


Making progress

The start of week two and I feel I am making some progress and filling up my creative space.



Getting messy

Having a play with modroc and dyes in the studio today and surrounding myself with pictures and inspiration ready to start some printing on Thursday. The other day I picked up some postcards of some old indian paintings and I am drawn to the architecture, the colours and the patterns. There is so much symbolism in the paintings. I intend to do a bit of research into the meanings of some of them. Lots of ideas but where do I start?




Playing around with patterns



Just playing around this afternoon printing a few of the fabrics I bought yesterday.



Making a start

Started on a few experiments,  almost ready to print on different papers and material.   Had a walk round some of the beautiful dress and fabric shops in Normanton.  Spot the much needed tea and biscuits.


Colours and patterns



First propper day in the studio,  had a look at some fabrics for inspiration on colours and pattern. Had a lovely day everyone was so nice. Starting to feel at home .   Just need to move my printing press in.




Feeling welcome on the first day of my residency

Had a vey welcoming first morning of my residency at Artcore. Thankyou for that everyone. Visited Deda to look at our exhibition space and have just sorted a few inspirational bits out to take tomorrow as a starting point for the project. I love a new sketchbook !