A Great Success


Well, Thursdays launch was a great success. I can’t thank Artcore and The Museum enough for their support and encouragement. So happy with the with things worked out. The penguins looked amazing and the interventional pieces were a great addition to the collection. Thank you to everyone who came to the show, your lovely feedback was much appreciated!


Installation Time

Installation day 1 complete.

The penguins are beginning to take shape, with finishing touches to come tomorrow. After an hour of panic and tangled wire, everything began to *swim* along just fine. Mapping them out on a very large sheet of paper really helped to bring it all together. And the kind support of my lovely boyfriend in braving the rather large ladder that gave me chills and made my knees knock..

Tomorrow is another day, filled with achievements and discoveries. Happy happy happy.


Time is Ticking

Eek! Not long now!

With time ticking louder and louder each day, I am juggling making, firing, glazing and hanging, as well as finally getting my website ready.

Met with Rick, the museums very clever technician, today. Deciding where and how these lovely penguins are going to hang and dodging hurdles like cameras that threaten to set off alarms in the dead of the night if one penguin moves a muscle, and avoiding drilling in certain areas. It’s never straight forward.

Heres a sneak peak of the penguins looking rather lovely.


No Rest for the Wicked

So, I picked up my batch of ‘bisquits’ at about 11 this morning and I have pretty much not stopped painting since.

Feeling pretty bushed but very satisfied.

Heres a sneak peek…

Can’t wait to see them when they’re all shiny. Getting excited now!


P-p-p-p-Pick up a Penguin

Another load in the kiln. Penguin biscuits will be ready for painting (not eating) on Wednesday.

Just. Can’t. Wait


Mothers Meeting

Loving these little ladies.. Thinking about where they might be placed in the museum, lots of funny ideas going off in my head, possibilities of comical narrative that may go with them. I can almost hear them chattering away, eyeing up the last piece of cake.


Derby Museum Stores

Was lucky enough to have a look around the Derby Museum stores earlier. Focusing mainly on tribal items; looking for religious statues for pattern and form. I love this Sowei mask from the Mende people, (above right) reminds me of something from a Studio Ghibli film. It is unusual because it is one of the few African ritual masks to be worn exclusively by women. It is worn by members of the Sande society, in honour of the water spirit ‘Sowo’ during a ceremony to initiate young girls into womanhood. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty inspired today.


Not Bad for a First Attempt

So, I picked up my test batch of glazed wares. Not bad.. Some crackling on my lady with the boobies but I’m sure with a bit of investigating I can get to the bottom of it.

Handed in a few more, with new colours too boot! Will pick up on Monday and we shall see what surprises they bring.

Happy Happy.


Happy Colour

Had a little play with my new paints. I forgot how strange it is using glazes, you really have to put yourself in a different place when it comes to colour and detail. feels disconnected somehow. Like painting by proxy.

Derby University have kindly offered the use of their kiln facilities, which is a massive help, first batch of glazed treats cooking away and will be ready on Friday.

Off to Stoke tomorrow for some more colours, so expensive but I do love colour and I need lots of it for what I have in mind.

See you Friday.


Art Talk

Feeling nervous and excited about the art talk tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing Andrea Hadley Johnsons inspiring words. Sent some prototypes off to Long Eaton Art Rooms for a firing today, this is the first time in over a week that I haven’t had clay to play with. Not sure what to do with myself. But HEY… look what arrived!