Bridge the Gap – Exhibition IV – Victoria & Nicki

Bridge the Gap – Exhibition IV

On Wednesday 27th September we celebrated a successful launch of the final Art Attachments Bridge the Gap Exhibition IV at Deda. We were delighted to be joined by the diverse local artistic community of Derby. Stephen Munn, Artistic Lead on Feste and CEO of Deda discussed how Festé this year has grown out of Re:imagine India and the many varied opportunities it has given to artists in Derby and India. Artcore has worked in partnership with Deda to establish Derby as a strong city that supports arts and culture to enhance people’s lives. Derby Councillor Amo Raju shared how both organisations add to the cultural offer of Derby to visitors and residents.

We showcased our final Art Attachment resident artists Victoria Brown and Nicki Dennett within Deda’s Cube Café and Gallery. The work has been inspired and produced during their residency at Artcore. Victoria used the opportunity to develop her interest in fabrics, lace and trimmings by examining the textile heritage of India, interweaving it with explorations of spirituality through the significance of flowers and well-being practices. Nicki’s new work has developed a new narrative for her printmaking practice. Through investigations into stylised imagery of flora and fauna, her personal style of layering has revealed a new depth through experimentation with new processes and materials.

The exhibition continues until 28th October during Deda’s normal opening times.

Art Attachments was an Arts Council Funded project that supported artists by offering opportunities for professional and artistic development. The Bridge the Gap programme offered artists the opportunity to create new work through a residency programme, along with the additional support to develop their practice. Thank you to all the artists and mentors involved in the programme.

We intend to host independent events and auctions to continue to support Art Residencies for deserving artists from across the East Midlands.