Clay Clay Clay

Had a busy weekend, messing about with clay. Was that invested that my fingertips went all squidgy and crinkly like I’d been in the bath for five hours! Heres a quick peek of whats to come…


Looking forward to my ceramics session with David William Sampson at Long Eaton Art Rooms this evening. Hoping to come away with a very busy brain! http://www.davidwilliamsampson.com/


Clay Day

Finally got my hands in some clay. It’s been a long while so I am a bit rusty, feeling a bit like time is ticking and I am taking a huge leap of faith working with this unfamiliar media. Still, it is exciting.. and of course, if you didn’t take risks, you would never discover.


Paper Penguins

Testing the water with these paper penguins. Tomorrow will be the real deal. The clay has arrived!