Lotus Flower.

I have been putting the finishing touches to my yoga mat working on the lotus flower. I was using the surface pattern to give shade & depth to the petals, I love the way the pattern is still visible. I chose this flower as it is the national flower of India and has sacred status, a prominent feature of Indian mythology. The Lotus flower symbolizes; spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge, purity of heart and mind. It grows in muddy water but remains pure & beautiful. I painted a panel of lotus flowers rising above the water at the side of the yoga mat too.
Every part of the plant is consumable and also has medicinal properties.
In yoga the lotus is connected with the crown chakra and the Hindu & Buddhist Goddess Lakshmi is associated with the flower. I have included an image of Lakshmi alongside her vehicle the Owl. She is the wife of Vishnu, plays a prominent part in Hindu wedding ceremonies and festivals Diwali & Shared Purnima are held in her honour. She signifies the importance of economic activity in maintenance of life. Her 4 hands represent the 4 goals considered important for life: Dharma, Kama, Artha & Moksha. The latter two are unfamiliar

To me, mean understanding & enlightenment. Read more


New Paints.

My new acrylic paints have arrived. Perfect timing, I can continue painting on my Yoga mat this week. The colours are exciting, the quality looks good, I can’t wait to get started.


Yoga Mat Transformed.

Painting My Yoga Mat.

Scrubbed clean with soap & water & left to dry overnight, I fixed my Yoga mat to the studio wall. It took a while to dare to make my first marks as once started there would be no turning back. I  started to sketch out the painting with a thin layer of acrylic paint. I’m now enjoying playing with this new surface. The challenge of working with the texture and the pattern of the mat is very satisfying. I will leave it to dry and I’m looking forward to painting the detail with my new acrylic paints, I hope they are delivered soon.


Experimental Mini Yoga Mat.

Since the realisation my first residency painting was cut to the exact size as my yoga mat, I decided to experiment painting onto mats instead of my usual primed canvas. Working with new surfaces is something I was keen to do. So today I have been experimenting with a mini mat. ripping up sketches, photos & pieces of fabric creating a collage on paper.

Tomorrow I will take the bold step of painting this onto my own yoga mat. 12 years old I think it has served me very well and it is certainly time for a new one. Surprisingly I was quite emotional during my last yoga session it has been an island of calm seeing me through recovery from a back operation, nurturing 3 teenage children into adulthood and establishing myself as an artist. Many memories lots of  love, laughter and the occasional trauma, a wonderfully rich  chapter which I am eternally grateful for & the lessons it has taught me. Time to release the old to allow room for the new.


Some more development on my painting

Bit more work on the painting, working on the foreground.


Installation Time

Installation day 1 complete.

The penguins are beginning to take shape, with finishing touches to come tomorrow. After an hour of panic and tangled wire, everything began to *swim* along just fine. Mapping them out on a very large sheet of paper really helped to bring it all together. And the kind support of my lovely boyfriend in braving the rather large ladder that gave me chills and made my knees knock..

Tomorrow is another day, filled with achievements and discoveries. Happy happy happy.


Mothers Meeting

Loving these little ladies.. Thinking about where they might be placed in the museum, lots of funny ideas going off in my head, possibilities of comical narrative that may go with them. I can almost hear them chattering away, eyeing up the last piece of cake.


Derby Museum Stores

Was lucky enough to have a look around the Derby Museum stores earlier. Focusing mainly on tribal items; looking for religious statues for pattern and form. I love this Sowei mask from the Mende people, (above right) reminds me of something from a Studio Ghibli film. It is unusual because it is one of the few African ritual masks to be worn exclusively by women. It is worn by members of the Sande society, in honour of the water spirit ‘Sowo’ during a ceremony to initiate young girls into womanhood. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty inspired today.


Not Bad for a First Attempt

So, I picked up my test batch of glazed wares. Not bad.. Some crackling on my lady with the boobies but I’m sure with a bit of investigating I can get to the bottom of it.

Handed in a few more, with new colours too boot! Will pick up on Monday and we shall see what surprises they bring.

Happy Happy.


No Turning Back Now

Well, it has only taken me three weeks to decide on some glazes. Its harder than you’d think. There are so many different types  and colours and firing ranges to consider. Not to mention they’re about a million quid each! Fingers and toes crossed I’ve got it right! I’ve started off small(ish) with a few choice colours and pencil crayons and a nice transparent overglaze… Lets see what we can create!