Mothers Meeting

Loving these little ladies.. Thinking about where they might be placed in the museum, lots of funny ideas going off in my head, possibilities of comical narrative that may go with them. I can almost hear them chattering away, eyeing up the last piece of cake.


No Turning Back Now

Well, it has only taken me three weeks to decide on some glazes. Its harder than you’d think. There are so many different types  and colours and firing ranges to consider. Not to mention they’re about a million quid each! Fingers and toes crossed I’ve got it right! I’ve started off small(ish) with a few choice colours and pencil crayons and a nice transparent overglaze… Lets see what we can create!


Clay Clay Clay

Had a busy weekend, messing about with clay. Was that invested that my fingertips went all squidgy and crinkly like I’d been in the bath for five hours! Heres a quick peek of whats to come…


Looking forward to my ceramics session with David William Sampson at Long Eaton Art Rooms this evening. Hoping to come away with a very busy brain! http://www.davidwilliamsampson.com/


Managed to fight through the sniffles to get into the studio and make some more test pieces, nothing much to do now other than wait for them to dry. I’m not used to having to wait, I just want to paint them now!

Had some great advice from Ruchita on different ways of working with clay, firing and glazing and being over prepared at all times. Back up plan x 3! Loved hearing about her studies and work in India. So inspired.

Pottery is a slow process that I am not used to. I think this residency will not only allow me to move with a new practice but also teach me to contemplate and take my time a bit more.

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Clay Day

Finally got my hands in some clay. It’s been a long while so I am a bit rusty, feeling a bit like time is ticking and I am taking a huge leap of faith working with this unfamiliar media. Still, it is exciting.. and of course, if you didn’t take risks, you would never discover.


Make a little nest

Moved into the Artcore studio today, settling in nicely. Fip radio on, making a nice little mess, throwing ideas around the room. Pretty excited and somewhat nervous about using the kiln. New ways of working.. so many possibilities!

Scribbling ideas in my notebook. Thinking about the Allenton Hippos last movements. Found in the car park of a local public house, I wonder whether this was his local. Was his wife waiting, night after night for him to come home?