Installation Time

Installation day 1 complete.

The penguins are beginning to take shape, with finishing touches to come tomorrow. After an hour of panic and tangled wire, everything began to *swim* along just fine. Mapping them out on a very large sheet of paper really helped to bring it all together. And the kind support of my lovely boyfriend in braving the rather large ladder that gave me chills and made my knees knock..

Tomorrow is another day, filled with achievements and discoveries. Happy happy happy.


Mothers Meeting

Loving these little ladies.. Thinking about where they might be placed in the museum, lots of funny ideas going off in my head, possibilities of comical narrative that may go with them. I can almost hear them chattering away, eyeing up the last piece of cake.


No Turning Back Now

Well, it has only taken me three weeks to decide on some glazes. Its harder than you’d think. There are so many different types  and colours and firing ranges to consider. Not to mention they’re about a million quid each! Fingers and toes crossed I’ve got it right! I’ve started off small(ish) with a few choice colours and pencil crayons and a nice transparent overglaze… Lets see what we can create!