India’s Independence day


Magical Moments

Having tried to find my yoga mat delivery (which I discovered had been sent to my old address, my mistake) I arrived late to Artcore after driving 8 miles to pick it up. I fastened the new yoga mat to the wall & prepared it for painting this afternoon.

It’s wonderful to be at Artcore at this moment, the studio is buzzing with activity as the 5 ceramic artists have started their residency too. Jack the Artcore web developer turned up with his guitar and it turns out he’s a brilliant guitarist aswell as great with computers.

Calmed by the wonderful music I am ready to paint.  I’ve put some ideas together on mini mat again. For this one I’ve been drawn to the beauty of roses & the patterns on Muslim prayer mats, I also want to incorporate the Henna pattern I had painted on my hand at the Chai & the City launch.

When sketching the prayer mats I recalled the times I spent designing rugs when I was 7 years old. I filled my drawing books with all my ideas, I’m not sure where they came from! 



New Surface

This week Artcore has been full of festivity with celebrating India’s Independence day & the Chai & the City launch. New experiences for me included drinking chai from beautiful  terracotta cups and having my first henna tattoo. I’m looking forward to Derby Feste after Stephen Munn gave a talk about this year’s plans. We also had a fascinating talk by Ivan Smith about his art residencies in India, followed by a talk from Nicki & I about our residency at Artcore so far. I feel so thankful to be in this place right now.

After the festivities I started working on my Yoga mat with the new acrylic paints. I’m really enjoying experimenting painting on a different surface it’s a real challenge. Usually I prepare a primed canvas with a layer of acrylic paint to created a smooth surface. The Yoga mat is the complete opposite with its textured surface. This I have played with, sometimes leaving the pattern showing through and other times layering the paint to give the vibrancy I wish to achieve. This is taking a lot of paint to give a good coverage & fill in the crevices. The small square patterns appeal to me, a development on my usual gold technique. The paint markers are fun to use too, it’s  great to add the detail of the textiles.

Today I am working in the large lotus flower and will play with the idea of sitting Lakshmi on the small lotus flower underneath, I’d really like to bring her into the painting.