Magical Moments

Having tried to find my yoga mat delivery (which I discovered had been sent to my old address, my mistake) I arrived late to Artcore after driving 8 miles to pick it up. I fastened the new yoga mat to the wall & prepared it for painting this afternoon.

It’s wonderful to be at Artcore at this moment, the studio is buzzing with activity as the 5 ceramic artists have started their residency too. Jack the Artcore web developer turned up with his guitar and it turns out he’s a brilliant guitarist aswell as great with computers.

Calmed by the wonderful music I am ready to paint.  I’ve put some ideas together on mini mat again. For this one I’ve been drawn to the beauty of roses & the patterns on Muslim prayer mats, I also want to incorporate the Henna pattern I had painted on my hand at the Chai & the City launch.

When sketching the prayer mats I recalled the times I spent designing rugs when I was 7 years old. I filled my drawing books with all my ideas, I’m not sure where they came from! 



New Paints.

My new acrylic paints have arrived. Perfect timing, I can continue painting on my Yoga mat this week. The colours are exciting, the quality looks good, I can’t wait to get started.


Yoga Mat Transformed.

Painting My Yoga Mat.

Scrubbed clean with soap & water & left to dry overnight, I fixed my Yoga mat to the studio wall. It took a while to dare to make my first marks as once started there would be no turning back. I  started to sketch out the painting with a thin layer of acrylic paint. I’m now enjoying playing with this new surface. The challenge of working with the texture and the pattern of the mat is very satisfying. I will leave it to dry and I’m looking forward to painting the detail with my new acrylic paints, I hope they are delivered soon.


Managed to fight through the sniffles to get into the studio and make some more test pieces, nothing much to do now other than wait for them to dry. I’m not used to having to wait, I just want to paint them now!

Had some great advice from Ruchita on different ways of working with clay, firing and glazing and being over prepared at all times. Back up plan x 3! Loved hearing about her studies and work in India. So inspired.

Pottery is a slow process that I am not used to. I think this residency will not only allow me to move with a new practice but also teach me to contemplate and take my time a bit more.

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Make a little nest

Moved into the Artcore studio today, settling in nicely. Fip radio on, making a nice little mess, throwing ideas around the room. Pretty excited and somewhat nervous about using the kiln. New ways of working.. so many possibilities!

Scribbling ideas in my notebook. Thinking about the Allenton Hippos last movements. Found in the car park of a local public house, I wonder whether this was his local. Was his wife waiting, night after night for him to come home?